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Amplify Learning

“There’s something about being able to access everything you need from one place; it’s just a lot more convenient. A nd...the kids love it!”
Robert Pronovost 2nd Grade Teacher Belle Haven Elementary School Menlo Park, California

eBeam Engage™ combines more than ten multimedia and navigation tools in one sleek console to make lesson delivery effective and fun.
Most interactive whiteboard solutions require the attachment of multiple devices in order to create a media-rich learning environment. As a result teachers are caught running from the computer to the board or to other components, causing a disruption in classroom focus. eBeam Engage puts everything within arm’s reach, allowing for improved content delivery and more fluid navigation between lessons.

Valuable teaching time is preserved and students remain engaged when audio visual components, specialized navigation tools, lesson recording and system calibration are contained in one console. eBeam Engage software offers rich content and interactive tools that can be used at the board or from anywhere around the room. Connect the entire classroom through eBeam Engage and experience an improved learning environment.



De : Romain Seryrss
Ajoutée :21 octobre 2013

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