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Installation Recommendation
Platform 200E only Upgrade Recommendation Default image Comment This release is the first firmware support for the new VBP 200E hardware platform. This VBP release is only available for the 200E hardware. The system will ship with this release. A hotfix is available through Polycom support for other hardware platforms. This release includes an SSH daemon security update introduced in VOS 9.1.3.

New Features introduced in VOS
• 200E hardware platform introduced in VOS

Fixes and Enhancements in VOS
• • Bug 3546: Added 200E hardware ID support Bug 4213 - VIU-94 - Access Proxy - NTLM string longer than 512 is not being forwarded: Increased buffer size to 2048 to handle longer NTLM authorization messages. This issue was found after the production release of, some Windows system platforms received service updates to their NTLM libraries which caused the NTLM authorization string to be longer that 512. Bug 4314 – ESCVIU-25 – Gatekeeper neighboring in LAN/Subscriber-side gatekeeper mode with a CMA gatekeeper – When gatekeeper neighboring to a providers network for ISDN offnet dialing, the providers gatekeeper was re-writing the destination alias in the LCF, when the call SETUP arrived with this modified alias the VBP’s ALG did not track the original LRQ and modified LCF correctly resulting in a ALG restart. Bug 4320 was also addressed as a direct cause on Bug 4314 – an incorrect source port was assigned as port 0 for transparent LCF responses. Bug 3598 – SIP – The system by default is configured with a SIP Server of, after an unknown time period the ALG will restart. Bug 4690 – Access Proxy – Change the default session timer to 30 mins from 60 mins. This timer is used to clean up Access Proxt clients that have disconnected from the system without logging out.

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