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Bug 4689 – VIU-101 – Access Proxy – Authorizations for clients using Network credentials or cached network credentials could not login. The Access Proxy was not updating the content length of the authorization fields be forwarded to CMA. The CMA server was rejecting the authorization as a bad request. Bug 4599 – Access Proxy – Logging cleanup Bug 4596 – Access Proxy – Supporting multiple clients behind a SoHo NAT device was not functioning correctly. The client tracking logic only allowed for 1 device behind a SoHo NAT, when this device logged out the remaining clients experienced a loss of Presence and LDAP directory services. Bug 4600 – Access Proxy – Configuration file cleanup. Bug 2874 – Access Proxy – Access Proxy configuration files not saved with the “ewn save” command – accessproxies.conf and accessproxy.conf now saved correctly. Bug 2961 – Access Proxy – Access Proxy UI configuration allowed a duplicate “Subscriber port” to be configured.

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New Features introduced in VOS
• None

Fixes and Enhancements in VOS
• Bug 4074: Log rotation fix for iptables logging - log rotation capability has also been added to Access Proxy, the system will now have 8, 250K ap-iptables.log files located in /var/log that track the dynamic “add” or “delete” firewall rules for authenticated VC2 based endpoints. This file also tracks VC2 endpoints that have become unavailable that indicates they have been “deleted”. ap-iptables.log ap-iptables.log.1 ap-iptables.log.2 ap-iptables.log.3 ap-iptables.log.4 ap-iptables.log.5 ap-iptables.log.5 ap-iptables.log.6 ap-iptables.log.7



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