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Bug 4075: Fixed accessproxyrc startup problem with multi cores, 6400, 6400LF, 6400LF2

New Features introduced in VOS 9.1.5
• • • Copied key/cert to /usr/local/ssl/certs Access Proxy o Added support for HDX. Changed handling of the incoming authentication message from the HDX client. Allow LAN side E/P's to dial ANNEX O If an incoming call used an AnnexO dialing string where the IP address was the address of the system itself, we would not forward the call. Now we strip of the IP address from the alias if it is matching the address of the system itself, and completes the call using the alias part of the AnnexO string.

Fixes and Enhancements in VOS 9.1.5
• • • • • • • • • • Bug 2298: Annex-O LAN->LAN calls are GK routed. Bug 3883: VBP incorrectly assigning RTP ports We now attempt to match the RTP forwarding entries according to the signaled session IDs so that the forward and reverse stream gets the same port number. Bug 3857: Access Proxy - Enable Logging. Default Access Proxy.conf file has been copied to /etc/default/ for reference. Additional enhancements to the log messages to provide before information. Bug 3858: Access Proxy - Added Log Level support. Access proxy can now print out logs of varying levels by modifying /etc/config/Access Proxy.conf. Update LOG_LEVEL with either LVL_INF, LVL_DBG, LVL_DAT. Bug 3867: Access Proxy - HTTPS access to the system on alternate port. Firewall rules in and have been updated. Text/Warnings has also been updated on the Firewall page, HTTPS Certificate page and the Access Proxy page. Bug 3873: Access Proxy - VRRP Support. Access proxy will start via /etc/Access Proxyrc if VRRP is enabled and is in MASTER state. Access Proxy will self-terminate if the state changes to BACKUP. Bug 3873: Access Proxy - VRRP Support. Modified to insert the appropriate allow iptables rules when the system is running in VBP-ST mode. Bug 3859: In Embedded Gatekeeper mode, not all the aliases are display this limitation has been removed. Message of the Day" configured or not; a longer than 8 characters password will now be rejected. Bug 3929: bandwidth tracking problem for h.460 nat'd endpoint initiated calls, this is a result of the fix for bug 2217 and is now resolved.



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Ajoutée : 7 juillet 2011

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