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Why eBeam Engage?

User Benefits

eBeam Engage Features

• Make lesson delivery smooth

• Scroll through content, calibrate

• High Fidelity JBL® speakers

by controlling the navigation,

the work area and record lessons

sound system and recording

with one control

functions from one console

• Encourage student participation by

• Personalize the eBeam Home™
portal for quick access to

using audio visual media
• Navigate lessons from anywhere

commonly used resources

• Scrolling controller
• Wireless RF mini keyboard pre
assembled with magnetic sleeve
• Software and curriculum

in the room using the wireless mini

• Use the integrated high quality
microphone and speaker for
audio clarity keeping students
focused on the material

• Personalized eBeam Home portal

keyboard with touchpad mouse

• Built in microphone

Organizational Benefits
• Quickly and easily install the
physically secure eBeam Engage
console into any classroom
• Integrate devices using the USB
ports and line in/out audio jacks

• One touch recording
• Easy calibration
• Key to unlock unit
• Multi function stylus
• 2 USB ports
• Line in/out audio jacks

• Enhance curriculum with free
software resources
• Update existing surfaces without
a costly installation

Technical Specifications
Windows ®

Package Contents

Engage System

USB ports: 2

XP, Vista, Windows 7

1 Engage System

Pentium IV Processor,
1.4GHz, 1 GB RAM

1 installation template

weight: approximately
2 lbs (900 g)

connectivity: USB and
power cord

1 security key

120 MB of available disk
space recommended

1 interactive stylus

dimensions: 31.5 x 2.4
inches (80 x 6 cm)

1 package of spare
stylus tips

2 mounting brackets
with spare adhesive

minimum active work
area: 17 x 11 inches
(43 x 28 cm)

1 RF mini keyboard
with sleeve and USB
charging cable

maximum active work
area: 96 x 60 inches
(275 x 152 cm)

tracking technology:
ultrasound and infrared

positional accuracy:
+/- 1.5 mm

average power
consumption: 10 W

CD/DVD ROM drive or
Internet connection
available USB 2.0 port

Macintosh ®

OS 10.5 or higher

PowerPC/Intel, 400MHz,

1 keyboard mounting plate
for non magnetic surfaces

1 USB cable

120 MB of available disk
space recommended

1 power cable

CD/DVD ROM drive or
Internet connection

1 power adaptor

1 AAA battery

peak power consumption:
50 W

1 Quickstart Guide

speaker output: 18 W

eBeam Education

auxiliary line in/line out
ports: 2

available USB 2.0 port

e Beam – Revolutionizing Interactivity | w ww.e-beam.com | 1.888.99.eBeam |
L uidia creates interactive technology for capturing and sharing ideas. The company’s eBeam products
transform flat surfaces into interactive and collaborative workspaces. Today, eBeam technology powers
an ecosystem of interactive hardware and software for education, business and entertainment. Luidia
products are in use on five continents and dozens of countries. The company is headquartered in the
Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit: www.luidia.com or www.e-beam.com.
©2010 Luidia, Inc. All rights reserved. eBeam and the Luidia logo are registered trademarks of Luidia, Inc.
Other product names and logos are the property of their respective owners.
Designed in California. Assembled in the USA. Printed on Recycled Paper.


weight: 0.6 oz (18 g)

power: 1 AAA battery

battery life: 40 hours –
approximately 1 year of
standard use


3 year limited, extendable
to 7 years total*

*based on terms and conditions


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