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Resume Study on cultural difference and management practice inside an international firm. How to define culture? What kind of differences can we find from one culture to another? Extract: When confronted with a same situation, different people react differently. Their values (what they consider important) and beliefs (their sense of what will happen next) play an important role in the way they perceive an issue. This filter of values and beliefs leads individuals to a specific behavior. Where do values and beliefs come from? That's what we will encompass in this first part. Whereas animals react by instinct and their communication is mostly innate, we behave by culture, which is a major human characteristic. Culture molds our entire communication spectrum: words, gestures, tones of voice, facial expressions, the way one plays, works and makes love (...) Table of contents: I) Theories on cultural differences A. What is culture: how does it affect our lives and how is it formed? B. What differentiates cultures from each other? II) Managing cross cultural issues in a multinational firm A. Managing cultural differences inside an organization B. Managing cross cultural issues when entering a foreign market &@λ (€)


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Ajoutée :28 février 2012

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