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• • • • • • • • • • • • Polycom CMA 4000/5000 server v4.01.02 or higher (see note) Polycom V and VSX Series v8.7.1 or higher Polycom ViewStation SP/MP/512/H.323 v7.5.4 Polycom PVX v8.0.2 or higher Polycom ViewStation FX/EX/4000 v6.0.5 Polycom HDX systems v2.0.3.1 or higher Polycom QDX 6000 (all versions) Polycom MGC v8.0.2 or higher Polycom RSS2000 v3.0.2 or higher Polycom RMX 2000 v3.0 or higher Polycom RMX 1000 (all versions) Polycom DMA 7000 v1.0 or higher

Note: The following issues, which may impact VBP functionality exist in CMA 4.01.02. These issues are addressed in CMA version 4.01.04 • Duplicate Aliases – When a CMAD or HDX in VC2 mode moves from an internal CMA connection to an external VBP Access Proxy connection you might experience a scenario where the endpoint cannot connect to the CMA Server. An HDX endpoint is likely in this state if it displays an indicator stating that the gatekeeper service is down. A CMAD client is likely in this state if cannot progress beyond the “signing into the media server” message. In some cases, gracefully logging out of the internal location and waiting at least 10 minutes before an external login can reduce the chances of experiencing this issue. Dual Redundancy – When deploying 2 VBP’s and 2 CMA server’s for what is called “Dual Redundancy” if the MASTER CMA server fails, this forces the BACKUP CMA server to have control of all services, it is possible when this CMA failover happens, this CMA server may NOT send responses from the VIP (virtual IP) causing messages to be sent from the physical IP, the VBP is expecting messages to come from the VIP and will not be forwarded to the remote client. When deploying “Single Redundancy” 2 VBP’s and 1 CMA server, If the MASTER VBP fails, the BACKUP VBP will take over and function as expected.

Known Issues
• In VOS the Polycom VBP-E series does not support the Access Proxy feature, although the feature is present in the GUI. VBP-E series platforms will support this feature in a future release. Access Proxy feature support is fully functional in the VBP-ST series. Bug 1463 – ESCVIU-27 – Facility messages are not supported on the VBP-E platforms



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